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Yucang Mountain Forest Park

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The Yucang Mountain has no stones that are not exotic or beautiful. The most exotic one is the “stone waterfall” with an area of hundreds of square meters. There are no water flowing on it, but it looks as if water running down it with strong rhythms. This natural stone storehouse can be viewed and admired in groups and alone as well as in the distance and near.      

The Yucang Mountain has the vague beauty of cloud seas, which is Situated between the static beauty of exotic stones and the dynamic beauty of the sunset. The cloud sea, which seems both authentic and fantastic, constantly turns on the charm with the vicissitudes of seasons. In winter, it blots out the sky and covers up the earth. The peaks are mostly hidden among the vast cloud sea. Only several towering peaks come out of the “sea surface” like a few solitary islands in the sea. Once the summer arrives, floating cloud clusters greet us from the valley with gusts of mountain breeze and then rush down the mountain slope.

What makes a basket most of the Yucang Mountain is the “Fairy Bathing Pool”, which is located on the main peak. It is three meters long, half a meter wide and half a meter deep. It has a shape of large bathing tub. Although the pool is situated on the mountain which rises to a height of more than 900 meters above sea level and has water without a source, the water in the pool never dries up and will not overflow in spite of continuous rainfall, which adds a mysteries color to the Yucang Mountain.   

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 Coach:You may set out from the East Coach Station of Hangzhou City to the Wenzhou coach station and then take Kuaike and a taxi to the scenic area.   Self-driving:You may set out from Hangzhou City, take the fast highway and exit from the Guangmei exit in Qiaodun (bridge pier) Town, go on along the country road 104 for about six kilometers and lastly take the right exit to get to the Yucang Mountain directly. Internal Traffic: There are two routes to take from the Cangnan County (Lingxi) to the forest park. One is to go directly to the south gate of the forest park by way of the Qiaodun Town. The other one is to get to the west of the forest park by way of the Tengyang Village.

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Recommended time for a visit:Four hours

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