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It has a popular name of “the West Yandangshan Mountain”. Here, the three cascades of waterfalls of the Nine Dragon Waterfall connect and form into a water curtain as high as more than one hundred meters, which seems as if nine dragons spouting water. The crocodile pool is embedded between the stone walls. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the pool. The Pearl Rock with a diameter of 23 meters is called “the best pearl in the world”. 

 The water pestles in Zeya is very famous. There are more than 270 of them in total. It takes advantage of the water source and has double pestles and three consecutive pestles with the aid of the geographical features. The most typical one is the Nandou four consecutive pestles in Shiqiao (Stone Bridge) Village at the entrance of the scenic area. The “eldest child” drains to the “second child” and the “third child” to “the fourth child”, which is a model of many uses of water.

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You may set out from the Jiangjunqiao (General Bridge) in the urban areas to Zeya. The trip takes one hour and costs four yuan. There are 12 li of plate mountain roads between Zeya and the West Yandangshan Mountain. Although there are buses in the scenic area, there are few numbers of runs unless in peak period. A single trip cost 30 yuan if you take a chartered farm vehicle. It takes 20 minutes to get there. Along the road is the Zeya Reservoir with beautiful sceneries in which water is so clear that you can see the bottom. The last bus down the mountain leaves at 15:30 and goes directly to Jiangjunqiao in the urban areas of Wenzhou. The trip cost eight yuan.

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Zeyang is underdeveloped due to inconvenient traffic, thus “being hidden in boudoir and not known to others”. At present, of the seven large scenic areas, only one has been opened to the public, namely the Seven Waterfall Gully. But it has beautiful sceneries that are hard to come by Recommended time for a visit:Three hours

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