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The scenic area of Zhailiaoxi is the central area with the Dragon Pool scenic area in the east, the Jimenxi scenic area in the west, the Flower Rock and the Huilong (Returning Dragon) scenic areas in the northeast and the Silvery Stream and the Nine Pearl scenic areas in the south, etc. Famous peak caves include Wuyun Mountain, Tiger Mountain, Silver Cave and Turtle Cave, etc. Outstanding waterfalls and pools include Tengyan (Rising Smoke) Waterfall, Feilong (Flying Dragon) Waterfall, Double Dragon Waterfall, Nine Pearl Pond, Feilong (Flying Dragon) Pond, Weather Pond, and Celestial Pond, etc. 

Tracing the winding stream upward,in the middle reaches of the Returning Dragon Stream which is as long as more than 200 meters, there are nine dragon pool embedded with different sizes and beauty. They are named by local people as Dragon Thread Pool, Dragon Bathing Pool, Dragon Dustpan Pool and Dragon Bucket Pool, etc, according to their shapes. They are all filled with green water and restful to the eyes. The White Dragon Waterfall stand superiorly beside the gully with water rushing down like silk and shade, which is high, broad, spectacular with extraordinary vigor. Going ahead, you will see the Ruanshan (Soft Mountain) Reservoir, whose popular name is water abode. The water of the abode is as clear as a mirror and therefore is a cool world in the summer.

What appeals most to tourists is the Feilai Waterfall as high as about one hundred meters. The waterfall runs ceaselessly all the year around. The stream below it, which is as long as one thousand meters, erodes tens of small blue ponds and caves. The small currents seem like a huge winding dragon, tossing and turning and dancing, which can be called a wonder of the Huilong (Returning Dragon) Stream.

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Self-driving Travelling Wenzhou-Rui’an-Feiyun-Xianjiang-Mayu-Pingyangkeng-Gaolou (Zhailiaoxi). Setting out from the urban areas of Wenzhou, you may drive southward along the country road 104 to the Baixiang crossing intersection, move onto the Yong-Tai-Wen (Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou) fast highway and get to Rui’an in ten minutes, transfer to the highway in Feiyun of Rui’an and go westward along the provincial road to Longhu (Gaolou), namely the Zhailiaoxi scenic area.

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Lion Rock has a head as even as a bed, which can accommodate more than 40 people at the same time. As long as there are several people standing below it and push with force, it will vibrate slightly. If you prize it with a steel stick forcibly, it will be absolutely still instead. What an exotic rock! Therefore, the local people also call it Tuidong (moving it by pushing) Rock. Recommended time for a visit: Half a day

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