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Wenzhou Travel Guide

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Wenzhou Overview

Wenzhou in Zhejiang is a pleasant contrast of mountains and waterways. The people have learned to preserve much of what’s left by the different dynasties that reign here but also offer its doors to growth through foreign visits and businesses.

Wenzhou is a city under the government of the Province of the Zhejiang. It is composed of 9 counties and has a total land area of more than 10,000 square kilometers while the waterways are almost of the same size—in other words, Wenzhou is near rivers and does have its own port. The East China Sea is located on its east. As of 2010 the total population of the city is already 9 million with around 3 million living in the urban areas.

The city is actually a melting pot of various nationalities. It is shielded from the rest of the country because of the surrounding mountains, and the waterways, especially the port, allowed some of the families to live their homeland and migrate to other continents such as Europe, Africa, and North America. There, they created their own community, opening their own businesses such as Chinese restaurants and tea shops.


Wenzhou’s climate is described as humid subtropical. This simply means that most of the year the weather is very hot and there’s not enough wind to help cool you down. Tourists therefore during the summer season are always advise to wear light clothing as well as a cap (or bring an umbrella) and carry some water for proper hydration.

Like the rest of the country, winter is also experienced here, though snow doesn’t come often, and the season itself is quite short. Some of the highest temperatures are between the months of June and September while the coldest are from December until February. Summers are also visited by typhoons. A good time to visit the country is around April and October since the weather is not too hot or very cool.


With the kind of sheltered living the people had experienced for hundreds of years, they had learned to create and appreciate their own distinctive dishes. Most of the meals they have are seafood based, which is understandable because they’re near a large body of water. These are then cooked in more than 25 ways. One of the most popular dishes in the area is san si qiao, which gives guests a complex flavor of fish and meat (the soup is actually composed of fish and a number of meat types such as ham, which are then shredded). Wood mushroom is also added.



They also have a very special way of cooking crab. Crab meat is first then gathered and then combined with pork. Both of these meats are then steamed before they are fried. The various cooking styles and flavors of the ingredients then led to the appropriate name of the dish: double taste crab.

Because of the progress, the influx of tourists, and the development zone in the area, some foreign brands such as KFC have become more popular and frequented to.


Yandang Mountain

The mystical Yandang Mountain is located in the northeast direction of the city. It belongs to UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the most beautiful mountains in Asia. It is composed of unique peak formations normally featuring shapes of animals and characters, from which their names are based. These include Jade Girl and Sharp Pen.

There are cascading waterfalls, lush vegetation, and a lot of caves, the most famous of which is the Guanyin Cave, which plays a huge role in the Buddhist philosophy in the area. Highlights include more than 300 stone steps and the 9-story pagoda.

Jiangxin Island

The Jiangxin Island may be some of the leaders’ favorite getaways as there are plenty of ancient structures there. Some of the oldest ones date back to the time of Song and Tang Dynasties. There’s a massive temple that covers more than 2,500 square meters. The Guanyin Cave in the Yandang Mountain is visible in the island.

The island also boasts of a park called Jiangxin Park. It has two sections. The Happiness City is called as such because of the different entertainment options. The other is Little Flying Rainbow Scenic Area made up of a lake dotted with pavilions.

Five Horses Street

The Five Horses Street has obtained its name from a statue that is found in the middle of the street. The sreet itself is for pedestrians only. It’s one of the best places to get to know the city more as some of the very old buildings are well preserved. You can also see many locals relaxing here from time to time and bargains are abundant.

Other Information

Wenzhou makes good use of their ports. They have become one of the biggest exporters of a variety of products, namely, tea, paper, and jute. The mountains of the city are abundant of a specific kind of mineral called alunite. In fact, they take pride of that and call themselves alunite capital in the entire world. One of the known uses of alunite is in the production of alum powder or natural deodorant.

The area has a number of zones, and one of these is the Chashan Higher Education Zone. As its name suggests, it is a place where you can find schools for higher education such as colleges or universities. Aside from local students, the different campuses are populated with more than a thousand foreigners who also live within campus or in their dorms.