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An Odd Canyon in Gandeer Mountain

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

Brief Introduction:

There is a charming canyon on Gandeer Mountain that is in the northwest of Nanhai District. It looks as if the mountain were cut into two parts by a huge knife. The whole canyon is 650 meters long, the bottom is 2-3 meters in width, the top is 5-6 meters in width and the cliffs on both sides are over 100 meters. Stepping into the canyon and looking up into the sky, the sky becomes a line, hence here gets the name “Yi Xian Tian”. There are many legends about “Yi Xian Tian”: some one said that it was left when Erlang god cut the mountain for saving his mother; other people said that it was cut for lotus fairy to pick up herbs conveniently. Geologies gathered here to verify the reason of forming “Yi Xian Tian” and it was formed for breakage and misplacement by earthquake.

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