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Cliff Paintings in Zuozi Mountain

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Brief Introduction:

The ridges and peaks of Zuozi Mountain stand one behind the other, majestic and grand. Seen from far away, the highest top of the mountain is flat like a table, hence it gets the name-Zuozi Mountain. Numerous cliff paintings are remained on the high cliffs of valleys and limestone rocks by the valleys, which is called “Cliff Paintings in Zuozi Mountain”. There are five sites: cliff paintings in Zhaoshao Valley, cliff paintings in Kucai Valley, cliff paintings in Subanyinhou Valley and Houmoerman cliff paintings. Ancient nomads like Qiang, Wuheng, Xianbei, Tujue, Huihu, Dangxiang, Mongolia have lived and multiplied here alternatively and created splendid ancient civilization. Cliff paintings are on the sands of time, which have been left permanently. Cliff paintings are called the earliest canvas of human beings. The facial cliff painting is the biggest feature here because the most facial cliff paintings in the world are concentrated here. Wuhai city is also intensifying the protection to the cliff paintings. The total area of the cliff paintings is over 16,000 square meters and it was discovered by a herder in 1973 when he was looking after a herd of animals. The paintings mainly are: facial pictures of sun god, pictures of animals, pictures of hunting and some graphic symbols, etc. Each painting has a complete meaning, which is unusual in China. Cliff paintings in Zuozi Mountain were painted in the period of New Stone Age and each one was cut carefully, which are the historical relics of the nomads in the ancient northern China. The facial pictures here is the essence of facial pictures at home and abroad, reflecting the imaginative ideas and their beautiful wishes for life in the childhood of human beings.

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How to Get There?
There is a specialized route to this scenic spot.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 a.m.-16:00 p.m.

More Tips:
Tips: It is not far from Wuhai city to the scenic spot. It is convenient to go there by taxi. But it is hard for visitors to find those cliff paintings without a local guide.

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