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Shoals on the Yellow River

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Brief Introduction:

The Yellow River of Wuhai section is 75.5 kilometers long. The landscape here is not only vigorous and firm but also charming and gentle. Tens of various-sized islands and shoals are scattered along the section of the Yellow River like brocade dotted with many green emeralds. There are green grasslands and lofty trees on the islands and shoals. There is a charming natural landscape here and advantaged resources superiority to develop tourist industry. The following are major scenic spots:

Dazhong Shoal Scenic Area: it occupies an area of 7,000 mu, surrounded by water in four directions. Now it has been developed partially. Many flowering trees, fruit trees and ornamental trees are planted here. The whole island will become a sea of flowers in spring and summer.

Lihuazhong Shoal Scenic Area: it covers an area of 3,000 mu. Green trees form a forest and lush flowers and plants grow vigorously. Green trees, grasslands and reed present beautiful scenery. A multifunctional comprehensive entertainment park will be built here in the coming future.

Wuxiao Shoal Scenic Area: It is consisted of 5 small islands, with a total area of 1,500 mu. It is surrounded by water in four directions. There are lush trees, green grassland and blooming flowers. Lofty and lush diversifolious poplars obtain the island its famous reputation. Diversifolious poplar is also called cotton tree, Wutong tree, one of rare three species in the world. It is listed as the plant of the second species in the second-grade state protection. Various ancient and modern tourist facilities with rich Chinese national color have been built preliminarily, so it is an ideal place for visitors to go sightseeing, relaxing, spending holidays and entertaining.

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