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Ulan Buh Desert

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Wulanbu means red bulls in Mongolian. It is in the junction of Alashan Meng and Bayanzuoer Meng of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region. It is with Lang Mountain to its north, the Yellow River to its east, Helan Mountain to its south and Jilantai salt lake to its west, occupying an area of 10,000 square kilometers. It belongs to central temperate arid climate and the change of diurnal temperature is very large. The south of the desert is quicksandy; many ridge-shaped dunes are in the middle part; and some semifixed dunes and anchored dunes are located in the north part. People began to control the forest here in large-scale after liberation and built a sand shifting control forest belt that is 300-400 meters in width and 175 kilometers in length. Trees have been planted to fix the sand within 5 kilometers of the both sides of the forest belt to control the desert moving towards the east. Besides planting trees and flowers, over 200,000-mu arable lands were reclaimed. Enough sunshine duration and widely scattered lakes make it an ideal place for go sightseeing, desert research and riding camels.   


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