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Wuhai Travel Guide

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2015/12/1

Wuhai Overview

Wuhai city is a new resource-based industrial city in the west part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a total area of 1,754 square kilometers. It has jurisdiction over 3 districts (Haibowan, Wuda and Hainan). 24 ethnic groups live in Wuhai harmoniously and it has a population of 459,100 among which 430.100 live in city.

Wuhai possesses rich tourist resources. There are 3 world-class tourist products. The first one is the cliff paintings complex in Zuozi Mountain. They are art treasures of the nomads in the north during the period from New Stone Age to Bronze Age. The cliff paintings are scattered widely and contain various subjects. And their quantities are very large and their styles are very simple. So they enjoy a high reputation in the field of cliff paintings at home and abroad. The second one is a state protective plant-Sihemu that is called “living fossil” by academic circles. The third one is a carboniferous siliceous wood that is called the largest one in Asia.