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Guangji Temple on Zheshan Mountain

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Introduction of the tourist spot:

There are verdant incense cedar forests and bamboo gardens in the scenic area, which all send off fragrance. It is written that “The right side of the mountain controls Yangtze River. The boats are arranged stem touching stern till the clouds. When overlooking the city from the mountain, it looks like paintings in every angle”. It has been the best time to ascend a height to enjoy a distant view since ancient times in Wuhu.

Guangji Temple is built on the hillside of the west of Zhe Mountain. Built in Qianning Era (894 – 897 AD) in the Tang Dynasty, it was first named Yongqing Temple, or Guangji Yard. In 1983, the State Council granted Guangji Temple National Key Temple in the Han nationality, and handed it to the Buddhism Association as an open place for Buddhist activities. In the recent years, the halls are repaired, and the figures of the Buddha are set up again. Now, the temple of thousands of years’ history boosts its majestic appearance and has become a famous scenic spot in Wuhu.


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How to Get There?
Ring Bus No. 3 can reach there.

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Opening Hours:
7:00 am – 4:30 pm

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