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Marenqi Mountain

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

Introduction of the tourist spot:

Marenqi Mountain Scenic Area is situated in the middle of South Anhui Tourim Zone. It is the only provincial forest park in Wuhu City of Anhui. Known as “Zhangjiajie in Southern Anhui, and Small-sized Huangshan Mountain along Yangzte River”, it has special scenery and deep-seated culture. The scenic area covers 3.3 square kilometers. The highest altitude is 316 meters. It belongs to subtropical climate and the temperature is very mild all around the year. The yearly average temperature is 15°C. The durations of winter and summer are longer, while spring and autumn are shorter. The humidity is quite high. And there is plenty of sunshine. The four seasons are very distinctive. Tourists can enjoy songs of birds and scent of flowers here.

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How to Get There?
Wuhu Manyin Bus Station --- Fanchang County (Take Huantong Quick Bus. The price is 6 yuan per person) Fanchang Bus Station (Next to railroad) --- Marenqi Scenic Area (Take Travel Bus No. 5. The price is 3 yuan per person. Taxi is also available. It costs about 25 yuan for a single ride.)

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All day

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