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Pagoda Shadow on Twin Rivers

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Introduction of the tourist spot:

The tower is constructed with brick stones. It is 35 meters tall. There is one door on each sides of each floor. And there is one window on either side of each door, which is used for putting lights to navigate passing boats. Therefore, Zhongjiang Pagoda is acknowledged as a symbol of location in Wuhu.

Zhongjiang Pagoda stands beside two rivers and its shadows were reflected on the two rivers. In the morning, it is mirrored on the running Yangtze River. In the evening, it is reflected on the clear Qingyi River. In all, it is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once. Now the government of Wuhu has repaired the Zhongjiang Pagoda. Now the new pagoda, modern buildings and multifunctional flood dam add radiance and beauty to each other, which form a particular picture of contrast between ancient and modern civilizations.


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Take taxi to get there.

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All day

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