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Yashan Mountain Huahai Stone Forest Tourism Area

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Introduction of the tourist spot:

The scenic area covers 25 square kilometers. It has the largest area of stone forests of karst landscape in the Yangtze Delta of China. In the scenic area, stone forests, karst caves, waterfalls, gorges, natural pits, underground rivers, lake on top of the mountain and other sceneries are well integrated. Yazi Mountain, Beauty Mountain, Bat Mountain, and Lion Mountain reinforce the beauty of each other. Some scenic spots are full of interest, for example, the Turtle Rock, Monk Bajie Rock, Toad looking up the Sky, Rhinoceros Watching the Moon. The stone forest landscapes are spread out everywhere over the hills and dales. Other scenic spots, such as natural pits, stone forests, Pen on Mount Jian, Majestic Appearance of Stone Mountains, Peony Stone Forest, have their own characteristics. There are totally 88 karst caves in the scenic area. “Sprit Stone on Western Mountain” is one of the Ten Scenic Spots in Wuhu. Yanni Cave, Hailong Cave, Double Dragon Well, underground rivers are veiled in mystery. The water in the dragon well is warm in winter and cool in summer. And “three tides in one day” in the well is rarely seen. Nanling Lake on the top of the mountain, which appeared in one night of Tangshan Earthquake in 1967, is a unique and wonderful view.

Jiuhua First Waterfall locates half way up the Yashan Mountain. The name of the waterfall is related with Jin Qiaojue (Earth God). It is called first waterfall because it is the first waterfall in the Yanshan Mountains. The water of the waterfall comes from a cave on the mountain. It is estimated that the water is from the spring in the cracked rocks. Jiuhua First Waterfall is more than 20 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. The water empties into Yashan Stream, which is the main stream in Yashan Village. There is a cliff beside Jiuhua Fisrt Waterfall, which is 3.8 meters long and 3.5 meters high. On it writes four characters “Jiu Hua Chu Pu” (Jiuhua Fisrt Waterfall in Chinese). Each character covers 0.6 square kilometers.

The Two Swallow Kissing Rock, also named as Phoenix Playing Peony Rock, is a vivid scenic rock located on a hill of Western Mountain Scenic Area in Xishan Village. The run of the rock is northeast to southwest. There is a circle hole in the middle of the rock. The left and right parts are connected with only a narrow rock. And it looks like two swallows kissing from afar. So it is called Two Swallow Kissing Rock. The nature of the rock is limestone. It is approximately 1.2 meters tall, 2 meters long, and about 0.5 meters thick. The rock is formed by erosion and corrosion of the rainwater. The rock stands in the peony garden. And there are also some smaller limestone rocks around it.

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