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Gegentala Prairie

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Introduction to the attraction:

Gegengtala means “Summery Barracks” in Mongolian. This vas and even land declines from south towards north, covered by rich pastures and thriving herds. Sinc ancient times, it ha been a natural pasture.  Gegengtala Prairie has been approved as the first group of AAAA-class national scenic area. There are herds of horses like seething waves, flocks of camels like golden clouds, and flocks of sheep like floating white clouds on the fertile land, which is decorated with chains of undulating hills. The herdsman rides on the horse with a very fine rod in his hand. The rod looks like spearhead piercing towards the sky. The traditional Mongolian yurts and its modern ones contrast pleasingly with each other, forming an attractive picture on the Gegengtala Prairie. Here grand Nadamu meeting is held from August, 15 to August, 25 every year. Meanwhile, August is the best time for tourists to go there. In addition, a large-scale temple fair is held solemnly during the same period every year. And small-scale one is held monthly. They celebrate Worship Supo every year, during which some traditional interesting activities are arranged such as wrestling match, horse-ride, and archery match etc..


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How to Get There?
Gegengtala Prairie is the only way from Hohhot City to Xilinhaote City along the No.102 national road, with wide and flat road. Its transportation system is advanced. It takes 2 hours from Hohhot to Xilinhaote City.

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More Tips:
Tips: The Mongolians are very hospitable. You’ll enjoy singing and dancing with them and be proposed a toast. Here tourists can have a taste of mellow and full-bodied wine mixed with horse milk. Its dedicate roast meat and skewered mutton are very delicious too.

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