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Huanghuagou Gully Scenic Spot

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Introduction to the attraction:

Shencong Ditch of Huanghuagou Gully has a picturesque scenery, integrating precipitous mountains, grotesque peaks thrusting themselves towards the sky, winding paths leading to quiet seclusion, singing birds and fragrance of flowers, babbling streams and hawks soaring in the sky. There are many marvelous spectacles north of the Great Wall like “Double-hump Peak”, “sleeping-dragon Peak”, “Jianmen Mountain”, “Foushou Mountain”, “Shengui Ridge”, “Waterfall cliff”, “Xianren cave”, “Three-layer Spring”, “Mirror Sky”, “Wooden-fish Terrace” and “Shencong Rock”.

There are more than 5,000 acres of rare precious trees and plants like old cypress trees towering the sky, forming a thick forest. In the forests are soft and springy green grasslands, embellished with white mushrooms, chrysanthemum, and lilies,which enhance the beauty of the nature. Spectaculous forests and exotic flowers and rae herbs form a natural big gardern. The reception center in Shencong Ditch has several Mongolian yurts with a big hall, where tourists can have dinners, relaxation and recreation.  Some interesting activities are arranged such as horse-ride, archery match, singing and dancing as well as bonfire parties.

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You can go Huanghuagou Gully Scenic Spot by public bus.

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