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Huitengxile Praire Scenic Spot

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Introduction to the attraction:

Huitengxile means “the cold highland” in monglian. The land here is rich and fertile, with plenty of waterfalls. From May to September, it is a sea of flower, decorated with kinds of flowers here and there. There are 15 great sights, of which the main two sights are Shenconggou Gully and Huanghua Beach. In the beautiful Tugou Ditch is a natural cave,which is more than 100 meters upright from the ground. The cave can hold almost 100 people. Heishan Mountain, with jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, has 99 caves of different size, of which the biggest one can hold 200~300 people. Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty also went there to have a visit. At the scenic spot, there are ten Mongolian yurts, where tourists can have dinners, relaxation and recreation. Some interesting activities are arranged such as horse-ride, archery match, and wrestling match as well as singing and dancing and bonfire parties.

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How to Get There?
You can go there by charted cars. Or you go to Hongpan Village first by shuttle buse, then go to Huanghua Beach by horse, which might cost you 50 Yuan.

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