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The sites of Daihai Sea

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Introduction to the attraction:

The sites of Daihai area, originating from the Neolithic Age, is located around around Daihai area, in Lingcheng County, Wulanchabu City of the Inner Mongol Autonomous Region. There are composed of three typical sites, including Wangmu Hill, Tiger Hill, and Yuanzigou Gully. Mushan Site is divided into three stories: the upper, the middle, and the bottom with a total area of 170,000 square kilometers. The housing sites of semi-underground caves and 15 ash pits have been cleared up, which are about 6,000~5,000 years old. The Tiger Hill Site is named after the “Culture of Tiger Hill”, covering an area of 130,000 square kilometers. From this site, 68 housing sites of semi-underground caves,34 ash pits, three cave sites and grave sites have been cleared up, which are about 4,500~4,300 years old. 87 housing sites of semi-underground caves or caves, 4 ash pits, 6 cave sites and above 200 porcelains and stone tools have been cleared up in Yuanzigou Gully, which is of 160,000 square kilometers. Followed the contours of hills, these housing sites were neatly arranged, whose grounds and walls were painted with quick lime. These cave-like houses of 4,500~4,300 years’ history, are well preserved with standardized design and rational layout. These features make them rare among the sites of their time.

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You can take buses from Jining City to Liangcheng County.

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Tips: Its three seasons (summer, spring, and autumn) link with each other. The best time for tourists is from May to September for its mild weather.

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