Desert Park

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The Desert Park, covering 12,000 Mu, is a scenic spot embodied with desert landscape, grassland scenery and rural characteristic. In the past, the site of the Desert Park was successive dunes. From 1972, over 1.5 million trees and 5 million bushes were planted, which forms two strong hurricane-proof forest belts to fix the dune and it became a beautiful green oasis.

In 1978, the people of Wuwei established a desert park on this basis. In the desert park, there is a garden, a manmade lake, a swimming pool, a botanical garden, which is appearing the landscape of "Kiangnan north of the Great Wall". Out of the park, there are spacious desert and the ancient Great Wall winding on the desert. Ascending high, tourist can taste beautiful oasis landscape and appreciate wonders in desert.

30 different dunes are the center of the desert park. In the desert park, there is a 32-meter-high gazebo, a swimming pool covering 4,000 square kilometers, racecourse, sand bathing spot and Damo Pavilion, Taoxin Pavilion, Yuanyang Pavilion and other amusement facilities. In the desert park there are successive dunes and various kinds of plants including birches, jarrahes and so on. The desert park is the first scenic spot in China embodied with desert landscape and desert oasis.  

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Take a taxi or charter a vehicle to Desert Park.

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It is open from 8:30AM to 12:30AM and 2:30PM to 6:30PM in summer and autumn, but from 8:30AM to12Am and 2:30PM to 6PM in spring and winter.

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Recommendation Tour Time: About one day.

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