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Luoshi Temple

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Luoshi temple was first constructed during Later Liang (386-422), expanded vigorously during Tang Dynasties and repaired and renovated during Ming and Qing Dynasties. On February 15 in the 10th of Emperor Yingzong’s reign, Luoshi Temple was issued a Tripitaka. The remained octagon Luoshi Pagoda is made up of bricks with a height of 32 meters and 12 floors. From the bottom the third, fifth, eighth story has no door. The summit is a bronze cucurbit-shaped bottle. There are two Buddhist Shrines on the east and west in the highest story and in the Buddhist Shrines there are two golden sculptures of Buddhas. The Luoshi Pagoda represents the long history and rich culture of Wuwei and it witnessed the cultural exchanges between china and the west along ancient Silk Walk 2,500 years ago.

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Take a taxi from any scenic spot in Wuwei, costing only 3 Yuan.

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Recommendation Tour Time: Half a day.

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