Relics of Huangniangniangtai Terrace

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Huangniangniangtai Terrace also called Yinfurentai Terrace is located Songjiayuan Village, Jingyang Town, 2.5 kilometers northwest of Wuwei City. Yinfuren, the wife of Lisi, King of Western Liang during Eastern Jin, made great contribution to the foundation of Northern Liang.

So people also call the Regime of Western Liang as "the Regime of Li and Yin". The ancient site of the Huangniangniangtai Terrace is 500m long from west to east and 250m wide from south to north with a cultural wall of from 0.62m to 2.3m. Nine ancient buildings surrounded by kilned archway were unearthed.

There are three different kilned archways the circle shaped, the oval shaped and the rectangle shaped. A number of relics including stone wares, bone corner bracket, bronze wares, among which the potteries are the largest in number, were unearthed. The swords and the awls are red bronze, caved or forged. The number of funeral objects in different tombs is different. The jade axes and jade gems, representing right and wealth, were also unearthed in the relics. It fairly stated that the people had entered late New Stone Age, a period the usage of bronze wares and stone wares.

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How to Get There?
Take No.1 bus and get off at Wine Factory of Huangtai or take a taxi in Wuwei, costing about 5 Yuan.

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8AM-6PM. (It lasts till 8PM in summer.)

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Recommendation Tour Time: about half a day.

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