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Wuwei Food

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Wuwei Featured Food:

Wuwei Cool Noodles

Wuwei Cool Noodles

Liangzhou Area is famous for cool climate. When in midsummer days, eating cool noodles is cool, sour and hot. It has seen a history of near 1,000 years, dating from Song Dynasty. Cool noodles are a kind of fine snack for hungry or drinking wine. Generally speaking Wuwei cool noodles include white cool noodles made from peas, black cool noodles made from buckwheat, yellow cool noodles made from hyacinth beans, millet cool noodles made from millet. The white noodles are the most popular. They are transparent. Before having them just get some into the bowl and add some salt, vinegar, mustard-power, oil-fried pepper and garlic fluid. The cool noodles are fresh and appealing to appetite. The cool noodles include five flavors: salt, sour, fragrant, hot and fresh.

Fermented Flour Skin

Fermented Flour Skin

Fermented flour skin with bright crystal yellow like a translucent jade is made from flour. Sliver it into thin stripe as a chopstick and mix with soy sauce, aromatic vinegar, garlic juice, chili oil, refined salt. This kind of cool food made from flour is very popular in hot summer days. In the cities of Liangzhou District, it is sold in every street with quite a large amount. Cool and delicious fermented Flour Skin is a kind of popular local snack with low price but high quality. There is another fermented flour skin in Liangzhou District called Gaodan Fermented Flour Skin. It was said that once the maker sold the fermented skin in streets with a load. The skin got the name because of the high load. The making of Gaodan fermented skin is different from the common one. The Gaodan fermented skin has a high reputation and is regarded as an excellent snack.

Steam Bread Of Gaozhuang

The steam bread of Gaozhuang, also called sweet steam bread, is made from flour yeast mixing with some seasonings. The making of steam bread of Gaozhuang includes dough making, fermenting, shaping and steaming. The steam bread of Gaozhuang is made from fine flour and fermented several times. When steaming, the tureen is vapor-tight. The steam bread is white, fragrant. It is suitable to be eaten for the old and youth. It is a excellent tradition snack in Liangzhou Area. 

The Millet With Yams Soup

The millet with yams soup is made up of the millet and yams of Liangzhou Area. The basic skill in the making of the millet with yams soup is like this: First have the millet the millet washed and soaked in water and then make it air dry, and then put it into a terrine. Then boil over a blazing fire till the millet becomes 80% cooked. Then put the yams cubes into the terrine and sprinkle a little flour into the soup and use a wood scoop to stir the soup and put some salt.

Rice Soup With Fried Cruller

It is a kind of famous snack in Liangzhou District. It is fragrant and sweet with a salty taste and a yellow color. Break off the fried cruller and put into the hyacinth beans soup. The snack is economical and popular.