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Fermented Flour Skin

Last updated by  at 2017/6/19

Fermented flour skin with bright crystal yellow like a translucent jade is made from flour. Sliver it into thin stripe as a chopstick and mix with soy sauce, aromatic vinegar, garlic juice, chili oil, refined salt. This kind of cool food made from flour is very popular in hot summer days. In the cities of Liangzhou District, it is sold in every street with quite a large amount. Cool and delicious fermented Flour Skin is a kind of popular local snack with low price but high quality. There is another fermented flour skin in Liangzhou District called Gaodan Fermented Flour Skin. It was said that once the maker sold the fermented skin in streets with a load. The skin got the name because of the high load. The making of Gaodan fermented skin is different from the common one. The Gaodan fermented skin has a high reputation and is regarded as an excellent snack.