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Wuwei Cool Noodles

Last updated by shyoto at 2017/6/21

Liangzhou Area is famous for cool climate. When in midsummer days, eating cool noodles is cool, sour and hot. It has seen a history of near 1,000 years, dating from Song Dynasty. Cool noodles are a kind of fine snack for hungry or drinking wine. Generally speaking Wuwei cool noodles include white cool noodles made from peas, black cool noodles made from buckwheat, yellow cool noodles made from hyacinth beans, millet cool noodles made from millet. The white noodles are the most popular. They are transparent. Before having them just get some into the bowl and add some salt, vinegar, mustard-power, oil-fried pepper and garlic fluid. The cool noodles are fresh and appealing to appetite. The cool noodles include five flavors: salt, sour, fragrant, hot and fresh.