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Series Duplicates Of Bronze Yaks

The national treasure bronze-yak with a height of 1.2meter and a weight of 75Kilogram is the biggest unearthed in China. It is vivid and true to life. The replica of the bronze-yaks fall into different sizes of the same to the original, one half, one third, one quarter in proportion to the original.

Series Duplicates Of Bronze Galloping Horses

The Bronze Galloping Horse, the symbol of Chinese tourism with a height of 34.5cm, length of 45cm and weight of 7.15kg, was unearthed in Leitai Han Tomb. Now the replica of the bronze galloping horses fall into different sizes of 4 times, 3 times, 2 times the same to the original in proposition to the original. There are different grades of galloping horses made of gold, jade, crystal sold in Wuwei City.

Bronze Chariots Of Eastern Han Dynasty

The Chariots of Eastern Han Dynasty was cast by bronze and excavated with bronze galloping horse. The bronze chariots of Eastern Han Dynasty became representative cultural relic in Wuwei with unique conception, reasonable design, rich moral, diverse postures. It also represented that Eastern Han Dynasty owned a forceful military and contained rich historical knowledge and cultural meaning.

Wuwei Shops and Stores:

The main shopping centers in Wuwei include Wuwei Commercial Edifice, Wuwei Variety Stores, Huanliang Mansion, Wuwei Shopping Center, Wuwei Shopping Square and so on. Walking along Culture Square, Commercial Walking, Southern City gate tower, Wuwei train station, where various large-scale mansions stand, various traditional aircrafts and modern souvenirs are sold, visitors can acquire much surprise. There are also many stands on the street selling local artic rafts When buying a articraft at such a stand, visitors should think a twice before making a decision to avoid counterfeit and shoddy products.