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Lingying Mountain Rock Cave

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

Located in the Green Mountain Village, Lingying Mountain Rock Cave is 45 kilometers away from the south of Yanchi County. The beginning year of its construction is unclear. People began to oblate the Buddha in Tang Dynasty. Surrounded by green hills, Lingying Mountain Rock Cave was chiseled besides the mountain with colorfully painted statue inside.

Lingying Temple is commandingly standing near the mountain. The deep channel in front of the temple is long and flowing water all the year round. Reposed in the west and facing the east, the temple is 40 meters long from north to south and 20 meters long from east to west. Inside the infinitude hall, the statue of “Dangmo God”, also called the Emperor Zhenwu, and tortoise, snake god are standing on each side of the temple.

There is also 13-hole rock cave inside the temple and 11 of them have a temple number for each which are sequence as follows: number one: Dragon Temple, number two: NiangNiang Temple, number three: Drug King Temple, number four: Bodhisattva Temple, number five: Baizi Kwan-yin Temple, number six: Sakyamuni Temple, number seven:Vision Bodhisattva Temple, number eight: Emperor Ling Temple, number nine: Sanhuang Temple, number ten: Mazu Hole and number eleven: Mammon Temple. The statues inside the hole are real, wonderful and in different kind of modal; and the frescoes are characterized by the beautiful pictures, harmonious tones and fancy drawing.

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There are travel routes to get to Lingying Mountain Rock Cave in the suburb.

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