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Ten Mile Long Gorge Scene

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

“Nine bends of Yellow River all gather in Bronze Gorge, if you want to see the water here you must visit ancient gorge first”. Bronze Gorge is the last gorge in the upstream gorge area of Yellow River. Since 1968, after the construction of the hydroelectric station, people set up a reservoir here which is 43 kilometers long and covering an area of 113 square kilometers. Setting against the green hill and pure water, the reservoir appears a beautiful landscape with enchanting sunshine. With the sheering mountain and towering gorges, the both sides are full of scenic spots.

It is common to travel the river by boat. However, it is really unusual, even magical to travel the Yellow River in Ningxia Bronze Gorge by boat and sheepskin raft. It is so ancient and simple that you can easily go back to the old day to be immersed in recalling and daydreaming. The “boat” here refers to a kind of sheepskin raft, commonly called “Paizi”, which is a kind of ancient waterborne tool in Ningxia. The raft which can be used both for carrying customers and goods is made of more than ten pieces of sheepskin to pack together on the thin wooden stands side by side. The punter is commonly called “Paizi Craftsman” who is not only capable of rowing raft but also making and repairing it. The so called “Huntuo” is the whole sheepskin that had been pulled off. “Pazi craftsman resects the head and hoofs of the sheep with thick skill, and then pulls off the whole sheepskin to inundate, insolate, peel off, fasten and mix with salt and benne oil; finally they tie 14 or 15 round “Huntuo” to those vertically and horizontally crossed wooden stands to make the “Paizi”.This kind of “Paizi”, which is also called raft, seems to be a boat floating on the Yellow River delicately.


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There are travel routes to get to Bronze Gorge in the suburb

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