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Tongxin Mosque

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Located in the highland of northwest corner of ancient city in Tongxin County, Tongxin Mosque was said to be built during the year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty (1573-1619). It is one of the mosques with the longest history and the largest scale at present. The figure of Tongxin Mosque is quite different from those in the hinterland which is much like a gate tower.

Decorated with brick-carved “moon is hanging in cypress and pines” shining wall in front of the door, the temple is set up on a brick-constructed dado which is 10 meters high and with an area of 3,500 square meters. The temple’s main construction part is the main hall of a Buddhist temple and Bangke Tower. It integrates our country’s traditional timberwork, Islamic woodcarving and brick-carved decoration art to become one. This special kind of architecture form is the crystal of the harmony and culture communication among different nationalities in Ningxia area.


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There are travel routes to get to the Tongxin Mosque in the suburb.

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