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Wuzhong Travel Guide

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Wuzhong Overview

Wuzhong City, covers an area of 27,200 square kilometers which is 52% of the total area of Ningxia province, is located in the middle of the Ningxia Hui Nationality Municipality. As one of the main inhabited regions of Hui nationality, Wuzhong City has a total population of 1,919,000, with 640,000 Hui people which is 33.4% of the city’s population .

Wuzhong City consists of two cities (county level), four counties and one district: Litong District, Bronze Gorge City, Lingwu City, Zhongwei County, Zhongning County, Tongxin County and Yanchi County. With a long history, Litong District is the center of politics, economy and culture of the city where locates the Wuzhong People’s Government.

Since ancient times, Wuzhong is famous for its splendid treasures and outstanding heroes all over the North West China. It is also the important commercial port in North West China which has a reputation of drought wharf. Besides, it is the convenient transportation and long bazaar trade history that make it famous for “the world bazaar” near and far. Wuzhong, the prime belt of the Yellow River drainage area, benefits a lot from the automatic flow for irrigation of Yellow River.