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Baiyun Mountain Park

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Baiyun Mountain used to be called Dayun Mountain and it has an altitude of 365 meters. As the highest peak in Wuzhou City, it enjoys steep mountain slope and enchanting scenery. There is such recording in the ancient books about Baiyun Mountain: “the mountain is originated in Linhe and has a height of more than one hundred feet and it erects out of the surrounding mountains and relates to the cloudy mountains in the far distance. With the three rivers on the foot of it, it stands in the eastern part of the city in a magnificent state”. And there is a traveling highway with a length of 3.7 kilometers directly through to the top of the mountain from the front of Wuzhou Ice Spring Soya-bean Milk House at the foot of the mountain. When you look down from the Yunfeng Kiosk on the top of the mountain, you can have a complete view of the Wuzhou City. In addition to all these, the scenic spots like the Mushroom Kiosk, the Wooden Skin Kiosk, the Half Way Kiosk, Shuangqing Kiosk, Songyun House and the Kite Dais and so on and the well known delicious food in the Mutton Restaurant on the top of the Mountain can increase people’s interest in traveling from time to time. To the northeast coign of the mountain, the Flag Mountain and the Drum Mountain stand on the two sides nipping it. Furthermore, the Subsiding Tiger Cliff is covered with thick forest of pine trees, and when the wind blows over, there is the sound of howling and that’s where the saying “Pine Tree Wave with the Hollowing Sound of the Tiger”. The fall flies from the Strange Stone Hill into the Dragon Spring on the foot of the Eastern Mountain and the road in the pine tree forest is very quiet and the stream in the mountain sounds happily with special fun and it has been called “the Flying Fall of the Dragon Spring”. At present, there are other scenic spots like Dragon Crying Kiosk, Fall Watching Pavilion, Quietness Exploring Bridge and Basso-relievo of Two Dragons Playing with a Ball and so on. The whole park is listed with others as the first Municipality Level Scenic Spot in 1988.

The south slope of Baiyun Mountain is faced with the West River and the forest is very beautiful with all kinds of birds resting here. Now the Yunlong Garden with the manual breeding and reproduction of the rare animal the Black Leave Monkey is built with land coverage of fifty thousand square meters and there are also some rare plants. This is a scenic spot with the combination of science and tourism.

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