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Dragon Mother Temple

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The Dragon Mother Temple in Wuzhou city of Guangxi Province was firstly built in the beginning years of North Song Dynasty and its reconstruction occurred in the Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty and Kang Period and Yongzheng Period of Qing Dynasty. It is located on the bank of Guijiang River in the northern part of Wuzhou city. Resting on the mountains and facing the waters, it used to be an architecture cluster composed of by the mountain gate, the front palace, the back palace, the corridor rooms on the two sides and other corner kiosks. The front palace is very magnificent while the back palace imposes more emphasis on the decoration. The corridor on the right side is the residential place of the general Mr. Fu of Fengji in charge of the repairing of the whole temple and the carved girder and the painted walls. Later, due to chaos caused by wars, the appearance of the temple was damaged and it was even transferred into the workshops of factory during the ten year catastrophe of the “Cultural Revolution”. After the comminuting of the “the Gang of Four”, it received reconstruction and expansion gradually. The Dragon Mother Temple at present has coverage of about five thousand square meters with the main buildings including the torii, main palace, the rear palace, the Xanadu and the tortoise pool and so on.

Wuzhou dragon mother temple

Wuzhou dragon mother temple

The Dragon Mother Torii is facing the Guijiang River and looks very lofty and magnificent. It was built with the donation by Zhongsheng Hall and some others in Guangzhou with four huge regular script characters of “the Dragon Mother Temple” in the center of the upper part of it. On the front side is a couplet reading “the dragons born in Cangwu and aid the people over the world and the dragon mother living in the water provides bliss for all the people”. On the top of the back is another four characters of “Dragon Illuminates All Things” and another couplet on the two sides as well: “the five dragons protecting the mother act according to the mother’s teaching and pray to the heaven for good life of the people”. After you enter the Dragon Mother Torii, you will first have a huge width of painting wall of good fortune and long life in your eyes and it was co-built with donation by Shunfan Fortune and Long Life Hall of Guangdong Province with Mr. Helai in Bijiang of Shunde City of Guangdong as the representative and “the Sunglow Tourist Delegation” of Hong Kong. On the platform on the upper part of the Dragon Mother Torii in the right side is the Kwan-yin Hall built with donation from the Fortune and long Life Hall in Guangzhou with Ms. Chai Huiqun, Ms. Liang Nu and Mr. Xie Changcai as the representatives. Looking into far distance from there, you can have a complete view of the beautiful scenery of the City of Dragon.

As a deity like the Goddess Matsu of the Sea in Fujian, the Dragon Mother has a very profound influence, with believers all over Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Hong Kong, Macao, South-east Asian and other places and regions. Before and after May, 8th, on Chinese calendar, visitors in group home and abroad gathering here to celebrate the birthday of Dragon Mother are countless, and on the usual days, there are also plenty of believers to visit there. The Wuzhou Dragon Mother Temple is the most famous Dragon Mother Temple in the country.

Legend of the Dragon Mother

Legend of the Dragon Mother: Wuzhou is the birthplace of Dragon Mother and called “the place of dragon in Lingnan”.

Dragon Mother, whose real name is Wen Ao, was born on May 8th, on Chinese calendar, in the 25th year of She emperor of Zhou dynasty (290B.C.) and died on August 15th, in the 36th year of Yongzheng Period of Qing Dynasty (211B.C.), in the twenty-first village, Jingzhu village of Teng county (the nowadays Longmuang in Dazhu village of Nuotong county, Qinxi city), also said in the Xiaotong subdivision of Shuidong street in the First village of Teng county. Her father, Wen Tianrui, married Miss Liang (born in Yuecheng in Deqing county of Guangdong province) when he visited Nanhai, who gave birth to three daughters, and Wen Ao was the second one. When she was young, Wen Ao followed her parents to Yuecheng where they lived on weaving and fishing. Afterwards, she did her best to bring benefits to people there by leading her father to exploit the mountains and rivers and deal with the flood disaster caused by the Xijiang River, and was chosen to be the chief of Chuangwu nationality. On August 15th, in the 36th year of Yongzheng Period of Qing Dynasty (211B.C.), Wen Ao died in the age of 79 in Yuecheng, because of the illness occurred on her way to the capital by water which passed Wuzhou and Guilin. It is said that she had brought up five dragons and the adult dragons helped her to control the forces of nature, exploit the mountains and rivers, and solve the flood disaster caused by the Xijiang River which had brought a lot benefits to the people, thus called the Dragon Mother. From the Qing dynasty to the Qing dynasty, the Dragon Mother was enshrined by the feudal dynasties and offered by the people to pray for a happy life. To memorize the Dragon Mother, the later generations had built several hundred Dragon Mother Temples on the two sides of the Xijiang River and in many other places of the country, mainly in Yuecheng and Quzhou city. Along side the Changjiang River, especially in Hong Kong, Macao and Guangdong, the Dragon Mother can parallel the Matsu in the influence and popularity. All the Dragon Mother Temple, if linked together, can form a tourist line to search for the root of Dragon Mother.


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Visitors can either take No.3 bus and get off at the City government stop and then take the tourist bus with the price of 1.2 rmb/person or just take No.1 bus.

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The best time to visit there:Chinese calendar’s May 8th and August 15th are the most crowded days when the Dragon Mother Temple opens for 24 hours since they are the days when the Dragon mother was born and when she went to heaven.

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