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Snake Garden

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With a number of live snake storage of about five hundred thousand per year, it is the biggest snake storehouse in the Southeast Asia. The Snake Garden was established in the year 1956 and used to be the Storehouse of small animals of Wuzhou Branch of the Grain and Oil and Food Export and Import Company of Guangxi Province with the exportation of all kinds of live snakes, frozen snakes and other small animals and special local products in Guangxi Province as its specialty. The elapid in the storehouse includes the Ophiophagus Hannah, Chinese Common Cobra, Hundred pace snake, Bungarusfasciatus, Coral Snake and Five Pace Snake and so on while the innocuity snakes include Elaphe radiate, Radiated rat-snake and Oriental rat-snake and so on. As to the snake products, there is the skin of the snake, the dried snake, the meat of the frozen snakes, the 3-snake gall, the Snake Choler, the Snake Wine and the snake venom and so on. The Snake Garden was built near the mountain in a beautiful environment with s four storied snake breeding building and underground snake cave with a total coverage of more than ten thousand square meters and is the biggest live snake breeding farm. There is a huge stone said to have come from outside the sky in the center of the pool of the snake garden and on the stone is the statue of “Three Dragons Playing the Ball”. And the “tortoises and snakes watch at the sky in the pool”. There are all kinds of the fresco and statures about the legends of various snakes in the pool and there is the show of the fight between mongoose and snake in the snake garden. As the mongoose is equipped with anti snake poison in its body, it is always the winner. In the year 1988, after the visit to the snake garden of Tian JIyun, the vise Prime Minster of the State Department at that time, he wrote the name “Wuzhou Snake Garden” and the words “the gall of snakes are catholicons” personally. The snake products produced in the snake garden are authentic and with high quality while the snake dinner has unique flavor and enjoys a wide spread fame domestic and abroad. 


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