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Wuzhou Travel Guide

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Wuzhou Overview

Wuzhou City, an excellent tourist city that enjoys a nation wide fame all over China, is surrounded by mountains and waters with the city connected with the river. Furthermore, it shares both the scenery of the mountains but also the scenery of the river. The fresh air and the enchanting scenery make the city an enjoyable water and mountain city that is honored to be “the Museum City of Sotto Portico in China” and “the City of Artificial Bijou in the World”. In addition, it has the name of “the East Gate of Guangxi Province” and “the Back Garden of Canton, Hong Kong and Macao”.

District telephone number:0774
Post code:543000
Regionalization:it governs Wangxiu district, Dieshan district, Changzhou district, Changwu county, Teng county, Mengshan county and is mandated to govern Qinxi city, with an area of 12588 square meters and a population of 2900000.

Wuzhou City

Wuzhou City