Haicang Wildlife Zoo

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For those who love animals and wild life, the Haicang Wildlife Zoo is one of the best places to visit in Haicang. The zoo is located in Haicang in Xiamen. Haicang Wildlife Zoo is home to more than 1200 exotic and native animals. Animals that are indigenous to China in the zoo include black bears, red crowned cranes and pandas.

The zoo also has animals from other parts of the world such as white tigers, ostriches, kangaroo, antelope, gazelle and zebras. The park is also involved in a lot of research activities for preserving and protecting wild animals in danger of extinction.

Information About the Haicang Wildlife Zoo

The Haicang Wildlife Zoo is the first ever theme park created in the Fujian Province with the view of generating, demonstrating, domesticating and cultivating wild life as well as for scientific research. The zoo is home to over 100 different  species of rare animals from around the world with a total of 2000 wild animals.

The Two Zones
Haicang Wildlife Zoo is divided in two different zones. The first zone is created for visitors on foot while the second zone is for visitors that are driving. The animals are mostly in an open area. Additionally, visitors can enjoy beautiful performances by many of the animals such as the lions, bears and sea lions.

Basic Information about the Zoo
Haicang Wildlife Zoo can be visited after you visit the Suspension Bridge in Xiamen since it is the closest from the bridge in Haicang. The park is spread over an area of massive 180,000 square meters. The park has beautiful views of mountains and sea surrounding it. Haicang Wildlife Zoo is a comprehensive park which integrates various interesting elements such as amusement, scientific research and wild animals.

A Perfect Family Attraction
It is a great place to visit with the entire family since the park has wild animals collected from every part of the world. The park is home to zebras and white tigers from Africa, kangaroo, antelope and gazelle from Australia, South Africa’s flamingo, America’s ostrich and wild animals from China itself such as black bears, red crowned crane and little panda.

Natural Habitats
Visitors have a lot of different options for exploration such as an area for walking around while a tour area for riding. Each area has been designed to suit the topography of the park’s land. This has been done to stimulate the natural, primitive environment of the wildlife with the overall construction and layout. This makes it suitable not only for the survival of wild animals but it also allows visitors to experience what the real natural environment of these animals is like with a realistic feeling.

The Walking Area
The walking tour area is home to a pet paradise for children, a house for lesser panda, songbirds corridor, a zone for natotorial birds and a zone for African grazing animals, a general show area for bears, acrobatic show area for tigers, lions, elephants, a show place for sea lions, kangaroo park, hippopotamus house and a rhinoceros house. All of these areas can be explored on foot and allow visitors to get to learn more about the wild animals, their eating habits and their natural habitat.

Other than the Haicang Wildlife Zoo, there are also a lot of attractions to visit in Haicang that visitors can explore. Some of these attractions include the bridge museum, the green reef Palace, a technology and science museum and the Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park.

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Haicang Wildlife Zoo, Jiaosong Donglu, The Taiwan ese Haicang Merchant Investment Zone in Xiamen. The park can be contacted on 0592-689 5999, 505 7066

How to Get There?

To reach Haicang Wildlife Zoo, take bus number 814, 802, 452 or 73.

Ticket Price:

CNY 60

Opening Hours:

8:00 to 18:00

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