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Shaoshan Mountain

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Brief-introduction to Shaoshan

Shaoshan is Chairman Mao’s hometown. It is said: 4000 years ago, Emperor Xun made his patrol to the south and arrived at this mountain. He met across two women, one called E’huang the other Nvying, who came here to seek their husbands. He was attracted by them and married them. He was so happy that he staged a grand ceremony to celebrate it. His attendants began to play the pleased palace music--Shao Music, which attracted phoenix and larks to sing together. And the local people were also attracted to come by the music. To memorialize this event, later generations built a kiosk called “Phoenix Luring Kiosk”. Then this mountain got his name—Shaoshan.

There are Four Wonders and Eight Scenes on Shaoshan. Four Wonders are: Six dynasty pines (the six pines were planted respectively in Dynasty Tang, Dynasty Song, Dynasty Yuan, Dynasty Ming, Dynasty Qing and Republic of China, and now one has died); Flying Boat; Square Bamboo; White Stone Spring. Eight Scenes are: Green pines on the apex; Morning or evening glow over Tower Mountain Range; Fairy hut; Phoenix Kiosk Site; Ancient Kermes Well; Stone Wall Stream of Spring; Stone Gate; Stone House. All of them have been recorded in the Xiangtan County Annuals, Hunan Province Annuals; Guangyu Notes and Backstroke Volume. 

Today Shaoshan Mountain has been a national key point of interest zone of landscape. Evaluated from the perspectives of historic value, traditional education value, scenery wonders, famous degrees and periphery circumstances, Shanshan key point of interest zone of landscape can be classified into three levels: The first-class scenic spot are Mao Zedong’s former house (up house), Mao Zedong’s private school site (south bank), Mao Zedong Memorial, Mao Zedong Bronze, Water-dripping Hole, Songshan No.1 House, Poem steles, Mao Zedong Memorial Garden, Three Family Mao’s Ancestral Temples, Shaoshan Apex, Tiger-resting Level Ground; The second class are Mao Zedong’s parents’ tombs, Mao Zedong’s grandpa’s tomb, Mao Zedong’s great grandpa’s tomb, Waching sun pavilion, Youth statue, martyr cemetery, youth reservoir, Shaoshan reservoir, sunlight reflecting stage; The third class are Yintian temple, Shaoshan school, Kwan-yin rock, stone basket and wall, Cloud large rope, eighteen arhat mountain, stone house, stone gate, Shao Apex reservoir, small Shaoshan mountain, red flag reservoir, swan mountain, swallow hole, Four immortal uplifting treasure, lion swallowing the sun, camphor mountain, black stone stocked village, Tangjia cabinet. In addition, there is new-built Mao Zedong Library.

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How to Get There?
It is very convenient to get to Shaoshan Mountain from Changsha, from which the air-condition train K585 runs at 6:52 a.m. and arrives at Shaoshao at 8:44 a.m. in the morning and the air-condition train K586 leaves Shaoshan at 17:56 p.m. and reaches Changsha at 20:20 p.m.. In addition, every 50 minutes a air-condition bus leaves for Shaoshan from the Changsha South Bus Station and it runs from 7:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m..

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