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Xiangtan Agriculture Exposition Garden

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 Xiangtan Agriculture Exposition Garden consists of Egret Lake which covers an area 834 mu and the surrounding area of 2,180 mu made uo of green mountain. So it covers a total area of about 3,000 mu. It is a model base for agriculture science communication and training, a resort for people to cultivate their sentiment and conduct fitness program and entertain themselves, and a famous scenic spot for tourism. 

 It has unique advantage of agriculture science resources, special agricultural views, and national experimental base for agriculture exploitation. All of these have made it a modern advanced agriculture exhibit. And you can enjoy the endless freshness of nature and appreciate its unique agricultural sights. 

Xiangtan Agriculture Exposition Garden is 8 km away from the downtown, so it avoids the cantonal noise. But it has very convenient transportation, so it doesn’t lose the advantage of convenience, it is a typical outskirt place. It is located among Nanyue, Qi Baishi’s former house, Black stone, Shaoshan, Huaming House and Changsha, it is at the middle section of the golden tourist lines made up of Middle Xiang’s famous scenic spots and celebrity.

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No.9 bus (starting point: Inner City Center Bus Station), and other buses which go from Xiangtan to Shaoshan, Xiangxiang all pass by Xiangtan Agriculture Exposition Garden.

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