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There is no airports in Xiangtan City. But you can take a bus to Changsha City and then take a taxi or a bus to Changsha Huanghua International Airport.

Tel of Changsha general booking office of CAAC: 0731-4119821

Tel of Changsha ticket office of CAAC (passenger transport) : 0731-4112222

Tel of Inquiring of Changsha Aviation: 0731-4449540

The railway transportation in Xiangtan City is very convenient and comfortable, because Xiangtan City lies in the middle part of Hunan province, where the Jing-guang Railway Line (from Beijing to Guangzhou ) connecting the north and the south and the Xiangqin Railway Line (from Hunan province to Guizhou province) connecting the east and the west go through Xiangtan City, and where the railway connects Xiangshao Railway Station and Xiangqin Railway Line and part of Xiangqin Railway Line has been dredged electric line. 

Tel of Inquiring Office of Xiangtan Railway Station: 0732-8377837

Tel of Complaining Office of Xiangtan Railway Station: 0732-8378252、2551324

107 National Road (from Beijing to Shenzhen ) and 320 National Road (from Shanghai to Kunming ) intersect in Xiangtan City, and the section from Xiangtan to Changsha of the Jingzhu High Way has been finished. Now it only takes 40 minutes to reach Changsha Huanghua International Airport on Shang-tan High way. 

The passenger transport system in Xiangtan City is comparatively perfect. Every day there are buses to Changsha, Zhangjiajie , Shenzhen, Guangzhou , Shanghai, Nanchang . 

Tel of Inquiring Office of Xiangtan Bus Station: 0732-8208789 / 8208799.

Xiangjiang River runs through Xiangtan. Because of the warm climate and abundant rain falls in Xiangtan, the mileage open to navigation in Xiangtan reaches to 284 km. Kiloton cargoboats can steam perennially. 

Tel of Inquiring Office of Xiangtan General Water Carriage Company: 0732-8288204


Now there are 25 bus lines in Xiangtan City, which guarantees the traffic in both sides of Xiangjiang River goes smoothly. No.25 bus is equipped with air conditioning and the ticket price is ¥2 yuan. No.2, No.3, No.9, No.21, No.23, No.105, No.108 are charged by sections and the ticket price of other buses is all ¥1 yuan and the passengers throw the money into the box themselves.

Tel of Xiangtan City Bus Station: 0732-8224766


You can take a taxi in Xiangtan City. The starting price is ¥4 yuan, then ¥1.6 yuan /km.

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