Baishui Monastery

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Introduction to this Attraction

This scenic spot is made up of 4 parts: Baishui Monastery Classic Chinese Literature Tour Area, Baishui Lake Water Amusement Area, Xianglong Mountain Scenic Tour Area, and The Mountain Village Amusement Area. The Baishui Monastery is located the summit of Shizi Mountain. According to The Zaoyang County Annals, “The countrymen constructed to sacrifice Emperor Guangwu of Han. During Xuande of Ming Dynnasty the monk Zhenglong used the mail hall to worship Buddhas, the west of the mail hall to sacrifice Emperor Guangwu of Han and some woodcarvings of other militaries”. It is the same to the layout of today’s Baishui Monastery. The main scenic spot embodies Daxiong Palace, Liu Xiu Palace, Liangliang Palace, the Weapon Palace, Guanggong Palace, Qinglong Well, Longjin Pavilion and so on. The entire monastery is very unsophisticated and elegant, the carvings fine, and in addition the whole maintains the original construction style. In the monastery the ancient trees are lush, the stone steps in front of the gate magnificent, and all fills with a rich marvelous breath.    

 Legends to this Attraction

 White-Water Well

It was said that when Liu Xiu was defeated and returned to the summit of Shizi Mountain, he was tired and thirsty and the horse was worn-out, so he looked for a well to fetch some water. He found a well but the water was black and unsuitable for drinking. When he was vexed, a black dragon rushed out of the well, and the water turned into white from black. The troops of Liu Xiu drank a lot. The well was called “White-Water well”.

Sword Puddle of Gunhe:

It was said that Liu Xiu was defeated to the side of Gunhe, and chased by headstrong soldiers. When he went across the stream, throwing the sword into the water, the shallow stream turned into a deep river and prevented the chasing troops. 

Yinma Pond

It was said that Liu Xiu stationed in Sizhi Mountain. One day when he was looking for some water to feed the horse, a limpid spring gushed out from the bottom of the rocks which could feed the horse. Until now the water of the pond is very limpid.

Intro to the Profile

Liu Xiu (6 AD-57) whose courtesy name is Wenshu was Emperor Guangwu of Han, the founder of the Eastern Han. He was one of the many descendants of the Han imperial family. Not long after proclaiming himself emperor, Liu Xiu returned his hometown, Chongling several times, because of missing his hometown. Liu Xiu returned Chongling in Jianwu third year and entertained his county fellows at his former residence. In Jianwu Sixth year, Emperor of Guangwu gave the order to enhance the organizational structure of Chongling Village. He changed it into Zhangling County and exempted the corvee of generation after generation.

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How to Get There?
Take a No.512 bus from Xiangfan train station to reach Baishui Monastery.

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More Tips:
1.Tele for Information: 0710-6727484. 2. Recommendation Tour Time: Three hours.

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