Baopu Rock

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 Intro to this Attraction

The Baopu Rock is surrounded by elegant peaks and ridges, green pines and cypress. The brooks under the Rock continue day and night. It was said that Bianhe found a jade here. Now standing on the rock, the breeze blowing, the pines sobbing, visitors seem to hear Bianhe’s sobbing for the jade then and fill a sense of nostalgia and miss the ancient wisdoms. 

The Mountain is very high and the cliff carved with three powerful characters “Yuyin Crag” with a diameter of 1m, is extremely precipitous. At the foot of the cliff there is a natural stone cave with a height of 6 Zhang (a Chinese unit of measure), a width of 5 Zhang (a Chinese unit of measure), and a length of 4 Zhang (a Chinese unit of measure). An inscription of Bianhe stands in the cave, and some upright stone tablets, the most ancient among which was engraved in Chenghua 23rd year of Ming Dynasty (1487). According to the legend, some square holes in the wall of the cave are the locations where Bianhe unearthed the jade. Ascending about 100 steps from the crag, there is stone cave, which can hold over 200 people. Above the cave there is a pond with a circumference of over 40 steps. The Bianhe Temple, former residence of Bianhe, is beside the pond. The tomb of Bianhe is on the east of the Crag. Since Tang and Song Dynasty literatures wrote poems about the Baopu Crag.

Legend to this Attraction

2000 years ago during the Spring and Autumn Period, Bianhe in Chu State found a precious stone wrapped by ores in the mountain, called unpolished gems that time. Then he dedicated the gem to Liwang of Chu, but the muddle-headed King didn’t distinguish it so he ordered an artisan of jade to verify. The artisan of jade tested and said it was only a very common stone. Bianhe was cut the left foot because he fooled the King. After the death of Liwang, Bianhe dedicated the gem to Wuwang of Chu, the successor of Liwang, but he suffered the same excruciation, and he was cut the right foot.

Until 689BC, after the death of Wuwang of Chu, Wenwang of Chu became the successor. Because Bianhe had no feet to walk, he cried 3 days and nights at the foot of Chu Mountain until his tears dried up and his eyes bled, hugging the gem in his breast, which moved Wenwang of Chu in the end.

Wenwang send a wise artisan of jade to sliver the gem. After verifying it was really a crystal magnificent gem and it was carved into a piece of jade with hole in center, called Heshi Jade.

After that, this invaluable and exiguous jade changed the master many times. In the end, the jade was lost in the battles until now no one knows its whereabouts. 


The best time to visit Paopu Rock is in Spring , because it was surrounded by green forests.

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How to Get There?
First take a regular bus to Nanzhang from Xiangfan, and then take a bus to Xunjian Village.

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Opening Hours:
The whole day

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Recommendation Tour Time: Two hours.

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