Multiple Buddhist Pagodas

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There is a monastery, with in Ancient Longzhong’s reach, called Guangde Monastery, which is near mountains and stands on the broad field. Surrounded by green forests in south, the monastery faces Hanshui River in the north. The square monastery is surrounded by regular moat. The East Entrance is the only access to the monastery, which is unique feature to the monasteries.

Passing through Abbot’s Palace and going out the back door, visitors can see the unique Multiple Buddish Pagodas. The whole complex, with pedestal and multiple pagodas, is some seventeen meters high. The pedestal, a vajrasana, is 7 meters high with arched doors on four sides of the pedestal and corridors leading to the inner structure. The five integrated pagodas stand on top of the pedestal; the one in the middle with 10 meters high, a pagoda in the shape of an inverted bowl, is bigger than the other four, which are multi-eaves, solid, hexagonal pagodas. The whole complex was embodied with 45 elaborate carving Buddish. An ancient maidenhair tree, 30 meters high stands on the corner of the pagodas. During Jiajin of Ming Dynasty, the four-people-diameter maidenhair tree was granted a name called “Great General”, erected a stele of “Great General” in Qianlong 25 year of Qing Dynasty (1760). The Multiple Buddish Pagodas and the ancient maidenhair tree form magnificent scenery. Now the Multiple Buddish Pagodas was the cultural relic protection emphasis of China.


The Multiple Buddish Pagoda is adjacent to Ancient Longzhong. Visitors can choose the guesthouse of Xiangfan University, or Xiyuan Hotel with comfortable facilities.

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Take a No.512 bus in Xiangfan City and get off at Ancient Longzhong Scenic Spot then walk to the multiple Buddish Pagodas.

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Recommendation Tour Time: Three hours.

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