Xiangfan Furen Town

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 Introduction to this Attraction:

Out of the wall of Furen Town is standing a stele carving. The plaque on the city wall and the stele carving were erected in the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi second year (1983). Furen Town enjoys a long history with ancient culture. Facing Han River and adjoining to Xiangyan City, Furen Town is magnificent and grand. The city wall is more than 2 Zhang (a Chinese unit of measure) with the circumference of more than10 wen(a Chinese unit of measure). The section facing the north is hanging a massive stone board with an inscription with three powerful characters “Furen Town”.   

The Origin to this Attraction.

During the fierce Battle of Xiangyang, the mother of Zhuxu, a general in charge of defending the city, saw her son being busy at the comprehensive defense and decided to patrol the rampart and observe the situation. Because of the strategic position of the northwest corner of the rampart, it would be attack by the enemy first, so she decided to lead her family maids and city women to build a new city day and night. As expected the northwest corner of the rampart was first broken through by the enemy troop. Luckily his officers defending the city could move in the new town and continue to fight. They protected Xiangyang City in the end. Latter in order to commemorate Han Furen who protected the city, people call this section of the rampart as “Furen Town”.


Because Furen Town is only a historical ancient town, not a modern beautiful scenic spot, visitors should appreciate and taste her from another angle.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
Take a No.1, 13, 14, 21, 24 buses in the city and get off at Shizi Road then go down along the Street of Antiquity in the North Street.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
The whole day.

More Tips:
Recommendation Tour Time: Three hours

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