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Xiangyang Food

Last updated by  at 2017/5/19

Xiangyang Featured Food:

The Noodles With Butter

The noodles with butter are hot, spicy and fresh which is pleasant to the palate and enjoy for ever.Drinking a bowl of Xiangfan yellow wine with the noodles with butter is extremely cozy.

The Prawns Of Yicheng

The prawns of Yicheng are bright red with sweet smell, tasty with chilli sauce. The main ingredient is fresh and bright red prawns.

The Duck Cooked With Beer

The soup of the duck cooked with beer is dense with distinct flavor. The duck is fresh to stimulate the appetite. The main ingredient is shelduke.

The Saucepan With Pumpkins And Residue With Odor

The saucepan with pumpkins and residue with odor is pleasant to the palate with natural scent, making people enjoy for ever.

The Soup Of Pettitoes With Fish Head Having With Crispy Rice

The soup of pettitoes with fish head is very dense and fresh, and the fish head is tender and delicious, having a distinct peasant family flavor. Dip the crispy rice into the soup while eating the hot pot.