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Xiangyang Shopping

Xiangyang Local Products:

Kongming Vegetables

The Kongming vegetables are big and tasty, which are famous all over the country. Be available in Xiangfan.

Xiangfan Yellow Wine

The Xiangfan yellow wine resembles the milk and pleasant fragrance. The wine is slightly sweet and sour with liquor taste. Be available in Xiangfan.

Sunflower Seeds Of Gaolaosan

The sunflower seeds of Gaolaosan are tasty and enjoyable with a suitable humidity level. Be available in Xiangfan.

Green Fresh Tea Of Baokang

The green fresh tea of Baokang is excellent and tightly linear. The tea is pure and lasting fragrance with dense green. Be available in Baokang County, Xiangfan.

Xiangyang Shops and Stores: