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Xiangyang Transport

Last updated by david at 2017/5/19

Air Passenger Transport

Xiangfan Airport is the first airport in China which was constructed totally by local government fund.

The address of Booking Center: The first floor, Fenshen Hotel of Xiangfan train station.

Booking Center in Xiangfan Downtown Area: Jianjin Road 36

Reservation Tel: 0710-3812124/3812142/ 0710-3812767

Tel of Xiangfan Aviation Booking Center: 0710-3449124/3449124/3444247

Railway Transportation

Xiangfan train station located at Qianjin Road 38 Fancheng District is at the intersection of Xiangyu Railway, Jiaoliu Railway and Handan Railway. It is an important gateway from Central China to the areas of southwest and Central-south of China.

Tel of Xiangfan train station for Information: 0710-3029573/3271303.

Xiangfan Center Bus Station is located in Zhongyuan Road 34 of Xiangfan City, with in Xiangfan train station’s reach. Now it opens up regular busses to Wuhan , Chongqing , Yichang and other medium cities. 

Tel for Information: 0710-3223768.

 Local Public Transportation

There 36 bus lines in Xiangfan City. Most public buses cost 1 Yuan/person, air-conditioned bus 2 Yuan/person.

Complaint Tel for you to take a bus in Xiangfan: 0710-3458377.  

The Vehicles for Hire

The vehicles for hire in Xiangfan include taxis and minibuses. The starting price of taxis is 2 Yuan (1 mile); the basic mileage charges 1.5 Yuan. The starting price of minibus is 2Yuan (1 mile), the basic mileage charges 1.2Yuan.

Complaint Tel for you to take a vehicle for hire: 0710-3224061.