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Jiugong Mountain

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Jiugong Mountain is bound on the west by Heng and Yue Mountains, and on the east by Kuanglu. It extends for hundreds of miles and covers 210 square kilometers. Its nuclear scenery is made up of four parts, Jiugong Mountain Town, forest park ( nature reserve), Copperdrama Yurt, Stonedragon Ditch, and King Chuang’s Tomb. Grotesque peaks rise straight up; secluded valleys are crisscrossed; springs and waterfalls rush; floating cloud drifts among fog; ancient trees are towering; and the bamboo thicket is thriving. Here, hundreds of rivers are hanging from rocks, thousands of peaks are graceful, and tens of thousands of trees are splendid. Jiugong Mountain has both the grotesqueness and prettiness charactered by mountains in the south of the Yangtze River and the grandeur charactered by lofty mountain ranges in the north of the Great Wall. It combines grandeur, grotesqueness, prettiness, and precipitousness in one. It is also named as Holy Mountain of the Nineth Heaven.

Yunzhong Lake Tourist Area: Yunzhong Lake is the place where Jiugong Mountain Town is located. It is also the board and lodging base of Jiugong Mountain travel. This is a natural scenic spot which focuses on humanity landscape. The main scenic spots are welcoming pine, waterfall, Zhenjun stone temple, Wu and Chu frontier, tortoise making a pilgrimage, and copper drum.

Depth of the Sea of Forest Tourist Area: In the depth of the sea of forest tourist area, the foggy peaks are like waves. Here, there is Anping Waterfall with three levels which is better than Three-folded Spring in Lu Mountains.

Dayatou Waterfall has a drop of more than 400 meters. It has the fantastic view similar to that of a waterfall flyinging down straight from the heaven. It can match with Niagara Falls in Amarica.

Tourist Area of Wu and Chu States: This tourist area centers about an ancient shrine. Standing there, you may enjoy the scenery of two provinces, E and Gan. Mountains under feet are like sea waves. This scernery may be called “viewing all the mountains small while standing on the top peak.”At Chekou where cloud floats, you may enjoy Xiu River as colored ribbon at day, and inspect Chu State as in a dreamland at night. There are rock mountain in the shape of the god of longevity and in the complexion of a fairy, Celestial Being rock, and group of Nun rock all around.

Tourist Area of Exploring the Recess of Dragon Pool: It is a ecological tourist spot newly opened up in 1999. This area is a virgin forest belt. In it, there are several hundred of tree species, flowers, purl, and exuberant green plants. Rambling in it, you feel relaxed and happy as in a fairy land. It is a nice place for people to return to nature.

Tourist Area at the Foot of Mountain: This area is centered on the northwestern pier at the foot of Jiugong Mountain. The main sceneries are Lion Cave, enjoying beauty from Jiugong mountain, and Little Jiugong. Besides, there are also Lijiapu ancient battlefield where Lizicheng had his last battle and Huangduo cave in which Lizicheng hided to escape Qing soldiers.

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There are two regular buses each day at Xinhua Road long-distance bus station, Wuhan. One is at 7:30 am and the other is at 12:30 am. The ticket is 20 RMB.The bus runs every half hour from Tongshan county to Jiugong Mountain. The ticket is 13 RMB.

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1.Recommended length of time for visit: One day 2.The best visiting time of Jiugong Mountain There are three seasons in a day in Jiugong Mountain. The weather is different from that of two miles away. It may change from a sunny day to a foggy one in a few moments. At this end, the warblers and butterflies are singing and dancing; while at the other end, it is drizzling. Jiugong Mountain Delicacy Jiugong catering has its own characters, fresh, natural, and full of wild vegetables. For people in town who are used to meat and fish, it is a great pleasure to enjoy wild vegetables on the mountain. The delicacyies made from bamboo of different stages are especially characteristic. Roasting meat with bamboo shoot, soup of dried bamboo shoot, boiled rice in bamboo tube, and steamed vegetables in bamboo tube will satisfy your stomach. Vegetables on the mountain are more seasoned. Dried beans, wild brake, small dried fish, dried turnip, and Pingzhi will be appetiting for those who have climbed the mountain and sweated. The Ten Preciouses and Ten Peculiars of Jiugong: Ten Preciouses: Precious birds, pheasant with white nack and long tail, ouzel with blue wings and eight coolors, white Xian; Precious wild animals, panthera pardus, teeth river deer; Precious plants, welcoming pine, mimosa pine, mountain lotus; Precious food, Houtou, Zhusun. Ten Peculiars: pines on Slope of Grotesque Pines, wind at the Entrance of Windmill, fog on Wulao Peak, flying waterfall at Great Cliff, cold-and- hot line at the Taoyuan Mountaintop, group of waterfalls in Cherry Blossom Valley, group of snowy peaks at the Entrance of Windmill, group of crows at Crows Top, one-drip spring in Taoyao Cave, sassafras tzumu king at Crows Top.

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