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Lushui Lake Scenic Area

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The water area of Lushui Lake is 57 square kilometers. Its water storage is 720 million cubic meters.The lake is dotted with more than 800 islands of which the area of the biggest one amounts to more than 100 hectare and the smallest one is just like a boat.The limpid and blue water ripples. On the lake, fisherboats go trippingly and yachts go speedily. Xuefeng Mountain on the southern coast of the lake is rich in forest and bamboo. Lushui lake scenic area is famous for its serene mountain, green forest, clear water, and beautiful isalnds. It is an ideal place for summer and pleasure, visit and holiday, recuperation, and aquatic sports. The main sceneries of Lushui lake:

City of Water Margin: Chinese City of Water Margin is one of the bases for shooting on location of Water Margin, a TV series produced by CCTV. It is made up of three main scenic areas, the hall of sense of honor, the back fort of Liang Mountain, and a street of unspoiled countryside.Now, this city becomes a beautiful multi-functional tourist site disseminating traditional culture of China with mountain, forest, lake, island, and rustic pleasure.

Holy Dragon Island with Outlandish Manner: It is a tourist site assembling snake appreciation, singing and dancing performance with outlandish manner, participation of visitors, and other tour itineraries. These items are highly exciting and interesting. The main activities are visiting ecological snake garden, flying bungee, enjoying the beauty of Lushui lake by making an ascent in a helium balloon, upper-air gliding cable performed by flying man above lake, special singing and dancing performance swith outlandish manner, and etc.

Island of Goldfish: This island is so called because the ground plan of its topography is like the shape of a goldfish. The area of hanging dream-satisfying padlock wishes you succeed at whatever you try. You may play with the birds in the bird-language corridor and bird-of-all-kinds garden. On the island, sliding down the high grassy slope, and crossing the General Bridge riskily are thrilling and exciting. You will linger on and forget to return.


Paradise of Folklore: This paradise mainly represents and duplicates  the folk customs of southern E with long history and genuine farm civilization.There are six resort areas, area of folk customs, area of farm civilization, area for sojourn and vacation, area for roasting and fishing, Shennong area of herb-of-all-kinds, and area for aquatic entertainment.

Lucky Island: It is located in Lushui gold hydrosphere. The vegetation on the island is flourishing and the air is fresh. According to the culture of Three Kingdoms and Chinese folklore, this scenic area is designed as a tourist project of four main themes, blessing, emolument, longevity, and auspiciousness. 

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You may go there by train at Xianning railway station and there is about one and a half hours’ drive. The buses go there every 40 minutes.

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Recommended length of time for visit: One day

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