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Xingxing Sea of Bamboo Scenic Spot

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The highest point of this scenic area is more than 700 meters above sea level. The present area of bamboo forest is more than 10,000 mu. The percentage of bamboo coverage rate is more than 90%.The scenes in four seasons are quite different in Xingxing Sea of Bamboo Scenic Spot. In spring,Spring-expecting Flowers blossom, all kinds of birds sing, spring bamboos emerge in an endless stream after rain.In summer, new bamboos begin to sprout, and the shadows of bamboos dance. They are so graceful and green. In autumn, the sky is clear, the cloud is thin, the wind is light, the moon is bright, and the vast sea of bamboo billows. In winter, it begins to snow and it is slippy everywhere. The branches and leaves are crystalized as jade. The scene is so charm and gentle.

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How to Get There?
You may first get to Hot Spring, then at the front gate of Xianning Medical College, you can take a bus to Feixian Cave. While you are on the bus, you may also negotiate a drving to Xingxing Sea of Bamboo after arriving Feixian Cave with the driver.

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Recommended length of time for visit: Half a day

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