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Xianning Travel Guide

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Xianning Overview

Xianning is located on the south bank of the middle reaches of the Yangtze  River, a city in southeastern Hubei. It is bound on the southeast by Ruichang, Wuning, and Xiushui, Jiangxi, on the southwest by Yueyang, Hunan, and on the northwest to northeast by Jingzhou Region, Wuhan, Huangshi, and Huanggang Region.

Xianning governs four counties, one city, and one district. They are Jiayu County, Tongcheng County, Chongyang County, Tongshan County, Chibi City, and Xian’an District. Its total area is 12,631 square kilometers and its total population reaches 2.8 million.

Xianning City

Xianning City

Xianning abounds in forest special products and is especially famous for Nan Bamboo, Pine and Juniper Timber, Tea, Laurel Blossom, Tangerine, and Kiwi-fruit etc. Xianing is well known for “ The Home of Laurel Blossom” in China. The quality of its laurel blossom ranks the first in China and the output ranks the second. “Brick Tea” of Zhaoli Bridge, “Pine Summit Tea” of Yanglou Cave, “Sword Summit Tea” of Xianning, and bamboo craft enjoy high popularity.

Xainning region is rich in tourist resources. The hot spring in Xianning is mineral water containing natural radon which may cure diseases, such as skin diseases, arthritis, hypertension, and etc. Jiugong Mountain Scenic Area in Tongshan is a nice place for summer and sightseeing with its peculiar landscape. Ostriches assemble on the Bird Island in Yangxin. Ruins of Chibi ancient battlefield, scenery of Lushui lake,  the big limestone cave holding water in Tongshan and other scenic spots make the tourists linger on and forget to return with their special landscape.