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City Transportation

Xianning City is located in the hinterland of Central China, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, the middle section of Jingguang railway, Jingzhu expressway, 106 and 107 state highway. The location of Xianning is appropriate. It has convenient trsportation. Within Xianning region, three ways of transportation coexist, highway, railway, and waterway among which highway transportation is the major one. After 50 years of construction after the founding of the People’s Republic, the transportation of Xianning has developed greatly. Both highway and waterway transportation have already had appropriate scale and foundation.

There is no airport in Xianning. If you need to take a plane, you may go to Tianhe international airport located within the confines of Tianhe Street, Huangpo District, Wuhan .

Telephone of Inquiery: 027-85818888

Telephone of Ticket Booking: 027-83666666

Xianning railway station is situated in Guanbu Bridge Town which is in the suburbs of Xian’an District, Xianning.

Tingsi Bridge railway station, Xian’an District, Xianning, Hubei .

Telephone: 0715-8611416 

A highway network with Jingzhu Expressway as the head, national and provincial secondary highway as artery, and highway of county-level and town-level as branch which can lead to each main city in China is basically formed.

Waterway transportation mainly relies on the mainstream and tributaries of the Yangtze River , inland waterway channel, reservoir, and lake within the confines of Xianning. The present navigating mileage of Xianning is 564.4 kilometers of which the channel of the mainstream of the Yangtze River is 118 kilometers. In the whole city, there are 12 ports, 58 wharves for production, and 85 berths which handle 1.3402 million tons of cargo and 73,000 passengers each year.

Traffic in the City

Taxi: The starting price of taxi in the city is 5 RMB. It is convenient to take a taxi and the price is appropriate.

Travel taxi filiale, Xianyun Transportation Group Ltd., Xianning, Hubei .

Telephone: 0715-8256121

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posted by "tinalsl" at 2008-8-17 12:52:00

In the Kumul Museum, I saw a lot of antique stone implements, bronzes, porcelain and clothes of the Qing Dynasty. There are some mummies displaying in the meseum, too. It scared me when I first saw them. Some of the exhibitions there are Grade One cultral relics of the state.


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