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Baizhao Mountain

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Baizhao Mountain is also called Bi Mountain, where the well-known poet Li Bai in Tang Dynasty lived in seclusion for ten years. There are many scenic spots in this area, including the Peach Blossom Crag, above which is a one-thousand-year gingko, below which a stream of beautiful spring, on the left  a desk for reading and on the right a pen-shelf hill, like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon, all in a pleasing contrast with each other. Besides, there are still the scenic spots of Spring of White Cloud, Water-dripping Cliff and surrounding areas scenery.

Baizhao Mountain Forest Park, built with the approval of the forestry department, is a rare place of interest for home and abroad tourists traveling, preventing sunstroke as well as observing and studying.

The Peach Blossom Crag, situated on the southeast of Baizhao Mountain, having preserved the most sites of Li Bai, is the main scenery of the park.

Baizhao Temple has an old name of Tonghui Temple which was built in Tang Dynasty. When living in solitude in An’lu, Li Bai was deeply linked with this temple.

The Spring of White Cloud, situated on the main peak and south of Baizhao Mountain, has 86.5% of the land area covered by forests and is the sacred land of Taoism and mainly for forest tourists having a rest.

The Spring of White Cloud, on the west rock of Taibai peak, is the major historical and cultural sites under province protection. Because there is a spring mouth under the rock, the spring water never dries up all the year round, setting off the white cloud, and thus comes the name of the Spring of White cloud.

The Water-dripping Cliff, lying in the west of Baizhao Mountain, with 63.1% of the land area covered by trees and bushes, is the site of Li Bai’s father-in-law, right at the bottom of Da’an Mountain. Natural scenery forms most of the sceneries.

The Water-dripping Cliff is 500 meters away from the tail of Caocheng reservoir. Here, the spring water drips year in and year out, the sound of which is melodious and pleasing to the ear. What’s more, there are steep cliff walls and grotesque rocks. So it is a best place for tourists to listen to the spring and observe the rocks.

The old residence of Xu Shao is located at the bottom of Da’an Mountain. And Da’an Temple is 5 kilometers left to Dazhao Mountain. According to the “Journal of An’lu County”, there was a tomb in front of Xu Shao’s old house. Xu Guoshi, the youngest son of Xu Shao, was once the prime minister of emperor Gaozong in Tang Dynasty, whose grand-daughter was lI Bai’s wife. It is guessed that Xu people transferred to Luoyang---the capital of the country after Tang Dynasty, for Da’an temple was built there at that time.

Da’an Stockade, 4 kilometers from the southwest of Baizhao Mountain, is the site of an old stockade, still with historical traces of the old city wall. Once, it was the hiding-place for common people keeping away from the turmoil and chaos of wars and the harassment of bandits. Now, it is a best place for ascending a height to enjoy a distant view.

The surrounding area scenery includes five scenic spots. All but the Li Bai Museum were wonderful sceneries which Li Bai had strolled about. The Li Bai Museum is situated on the hill of Da’ao Mountain in the west suburb of An’lu city, the major project of which has been accomplished. In the museum, there are a number of data, records, stone tablets and pictures about Li Bai’s life activities during the ten years he lived there, as well as large quantities of paintings and works of art favored as a gift by the national well-known calligraphers such as Zhao Puchu.

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