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Lingyun Tower

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Lingyun Tower was built in 1848 (emperor Daoguang’s twenty-eighth year on the throne in Qing dynasty) which had three stories at the very beginning. Because it looked like the pen-peak, it was thus also called the Stationery Pen Tower. In 1871 (emperor Tongzhi’s tenth year on the throne also in Qing dynasty), it was renovated. For it was as high as if it reached the cloud, people changed its name into Lingyun Tower (lingyun means being close to the cloud).Then the tower increased to seven stories with a height of more than 30 meters. The tower is piled up of bricks and stones in the pattern of an attic. The doors and windows, pillars and arches and the eave corners of the house are mainly of wooden structure. The iron tower, standing high up in the air, is elegant in styles. In the tower, there are spiral stairs for tourists ascending a height to enjoy the distant view. In the distance are dark green hills, while blue water arouses ripples in the near. All of a sudden, the pastoral flowing charm blows on tourists’ faces.

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Bus (to the urban district of Yingcheng)

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Suggested Time-length for Sightseeing: 2 hours

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